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Margarite's Subaru Photoshoots

After the Buena Vista Hill Climb, Margarite took me for a ride in her sweet Subie. We found the coolest spot on the side of a mountain to take some great photos!


Anthony's SAAB 93 Photoshoot

After Anthony sold his Audi A4, he purchased this turbo-charged SAAB 93. So of course a photoshoot on Flagstaff was absolutely necessary. This night photoshoot incorporates some (unphotoshopped!) fun with auxilary lighting, a first for me!


8/30/09 - Colorado MR2 Meet

The Rocky Mountain MR2 Owners Club put on a Colorado-wide meet in Castle Rock, CO. There was a great turn out of MKII MR2s along with several MKIII and MKI MR2s. I was there showing off the Rally MR2 and snapping a few photos when I could.


12/6/09 - Snow Drift

Very cold temperatures and lots fresh snow changed city streets and parking lots into giant playgrounds. While most residents were fearing for their lives inside the local Sport Car Club showed off their skills. It was amazing to see these powerful AWD cars slidding around with such control!


2/6/10 - Lake George Ice Race

Think you're good at driving? In the snow? How about on a frozen lake? That's right, several AWD cars grouped together one cold February morning and had some fun on Lake George (Colorado). The speeds were slow, the slides were long, and the ice was VERY SLIPPERY. I had more trouble walking and taking photos than the drivers racing the course.



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Colorado RallyCross


2011 Season:


4/16/11 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #2

Welcome back to the first RallyCross event on Colorado ground for the 2011 Colorado RallyCross Season! The US Truck Driving School was the host to the first event which saw many people, including myself, DNF out of the event.


5/07/11 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #3

Pikes Peak International Raceway head the first ever (as far as I can remember at least) mixed dirt/tarmac surface RallyCross in Colorado history. It was the perfect combination of traction and precision on the tarmac with drastically different, loose and slippery dirt to throw even the most skilled drivers off. It was not uncommon to see cones down on the tarmac and overshot turns on the dirt. What a blast!


6/04/11 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #4

Our first event back at Colorado Offroad Extereme was a great day. A big Thank You goes out to Kubo for taking over the camera for photos of run group 2. Thanks to his efforts, we were able to capture almost every driver at this event!


7/09/11 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #5

A big thanks goes out to Will (for taking photos) & Max (for spotting) during the S2, P2, and SA class runs! I'm sorry this took me so long to get up and I only have (at this point in time) edited the 25 main page images. If you are interested in me editing a photo for you, shoot me an email. Also if you are purchasing a photo, I will be happy to send you an editted proof prior to your purchase (I always edit photos before sending them off)!


7/30/11 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #6

CORE held the sixth round of the 2011 Colorado RallyCross Season. It was a similar course to the last CORE event with some technical tight turns and wide open, fast sections. Over all a blast! Check out the pictures of the modified 2 and 4WD cars tearing it up!


8/21/11 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #7

This was the SCCA National Challenge Event held as the Colorado RallyCross Event #7 at the Truck Driving School in Fountain, CO. Sadly, I was unable to run but as a result I was able to get plenty of coverage of the Sunday competitors!


9/10/11 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #8

Back again to the Truck Driving School in Fountain, CO for the last regional event before the RallyCross National Championship in Tulsa, OK! This event proved to be a great testing grounds for new skills (left foot braking) and driving new cars (a BMW perhaps) before it really counts!


2010 Season:


3/13/10 - Colorado RallyX Test-N-Tune

Finally, what we've all been waiting for! Colorado RallyCross season is finally starting!! The first event will be March 27th in Tooele, Utah so to get ready CO-RX hosted a Test N Tune out at CORE. Drivers could either test their cars on a lower course (and get some much needed practice in) or they could gain some tips on the teaching course up above. It was a great day for rookie and seasoned drivers alike since there was plenty of seat time to be had. Check out the photos for some surprises.


3/27/10 - SCCA RallyCross National Challenge

The Colorado RallyCross group goes to Tooele, Utah for the first event of the series! The Utah Rally Group put on a great event at Miller Motorsports Park in one of their gravel parking lots. Unlike Colorado's typical gravel sites such as Fountain and Pueblo, the dirt was soft and loose. That combined with a fast and very forgiving open course resulted in some of the most sideways action I've seen in a while! Not to mention the beautiful mountainous Utah backdrop.


4/24/10 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #2

The first event back on Colorado soil for the Colorado RallyCross season was at the US Truck Driving School in Fountain. This location held the 2009 National Championship and will be holding it again for 2010! It was a great event with plenty of new people and plenty of blue Subarus too. It was very windy in the afternoon but that made some great photo opportunities.


5/08/10 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #3

It was a windy, cold day out at CORE for the third round of the Colorado RallyCross summer series. It's looking like this season is going to be a very fun and very large one with the huge numbers of competitors showing up. I cannot wait till Pueblo!


6/19/10 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #4

What a hot, hot day for the Colorado Rallycross -ers in Pueblo! This was the fourth round of the 2010 season and it proved to be just as technical as ever. With Nationals coming up in August, all the drivers pushed themselves and their cars to the limit on this soft, slippery soil!


7/17/10 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #5

What a hot, dusty, dirty, AWESOME day at CORE! This was the second time the lower course was run and it was very different than the first time. High speed turns covered with loose gravel presented drivers with plenty of loose turns to show their stuff. A surprised dip in the afternoon also caused some excitement when some drivers actually lifted some tires!


8/8/10 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #6

Ah Fountain, what a place to tear up your tires and practice for NEXT WEEK'S NATIONAL EVENT! I pushed it hard and I know plenty of these photos show everyone else was pushing even harder! Plenty of action up ahead so keep your eyes peeled. Head on down to Fountain Aug 20-22nd to watch the nation's best RallyX it up!


8/20-22/10 - SCCA RallyCross National Championship

This was it! The event we've been preparing all season for - The 2010 SCCA RallyCross National Championship!! I'm afraid I only got a few more "artsy" photos at this event but I was busy becoming the Stock RWD Champion in the powered MR2! Hope you enjoy the few I did capture.


9/18/10 - SCCA RallyCross Event #8

This event proved to be the roughest event I've experienced to date. Plenty of loose soil and washboard made keeping control of your vehical to be an uphill battle. Luckily, the harder it is, the better the photos look!


10/9/10 - SCCA RallyCross Event #9

Another dusty, dirty, rough rallycross checked off the season calendar. This event was proof that great things are to come to the Colorado RallyCross group in terms of smoothly run, fast events. The timing equipment worked near perfection the entire day. Now if we could get some rain to hold the dirt together! (And if I could keep the MR2 from exploding!). By the way, PPIR will be hosting a Europe style RallyCross next year! Stay tuned...


11/6/10 - SCCA RallyCross Event #10

Another dusty, dirty, rough rallycross checked off the season calendar. This event was proof that great things are to come to the Colorado RallyCross group in terms of smoothly run, fast events. The timing equipment worked near perfection the entire day. Now if we could get some rain to hold the dirt together! (And if I could keep the MR2 from exploding!). By the way, PPIR will be hosting a Europe style RallyCross next year! Stay tuned...



2009 Season:



5/16/09 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #4

The Colorado RallyCross group headed down south to PPIR. This was the first time this venue has ever been RallyCrossed. It proved to be very interesting terrain with plenty of slippery sand covering the track!


6/7/09 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #5

The Colorado RallyCross (CO-RX) group headed back to C.O.R.E. in Deertrail, CO for fifth event of the season. There was plenty of action with the ColoradoRallyCup guys joining us in their fully prepared rally cars. Sadly it was called to an end shorter than usual due to several tornadoes!


7/11/09 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #6

The Colorado RallyCross (CO-RX) group headed to Pueblo Motorsports Park for the sixth event of the season. I personally had not been here in years but the memories were nothing short of amazing. Even with the immense heat found in Pueblo this time of the year it proved to be a great event. It also marked the first event of my newest RallyX car, an '86 Toyota MR2. Everyone was surprised when it barely squeezed by the current champion (Tim Hardy, #6) by a second for the win!


8/23/09 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #8

Colorado RallyCross held it's 7th and 8th events at the Truck Driving School in Fountain. This is the location for the up-coming Nationals event and gave the drivers extra seat time at this slippery track! The MR2 lost a suspension bolt the night before at event #7 but was fixed with the help of the CUSCC Rally Team members. Thanks guys! The day after I placed 3rd losing to Tim and Don Hardy in their Ford Escort (2nd and 1st respectively).


11/7/09 - SCCA Colorado RallyCross Event #10

As the 2009 SCCA Colorado RallyCross season comes to an end Event 10 brings the Colorado RallyCross group back up to C.O.R.E. for one final round. Large snow falls earlier in the month kept the soil soft and left plenty of standing water on the track. These two conditions gave the event a typically unseen mix of deep ruts and slippery mud that caught several drivers offguard. Regardless of the conditions, drivers pushed their cars hard to claim final season points (and absorb as much RallyX as possible before Winter Break).



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Colorado SCCA AutoCross


5/21/11 - Summer AutoCross Event #4 (PPIR)

After what seemed like ages, the Colorado sky finally cleared up for one day of blazing fast AutoCrossing at Pikes Peak International Raceway. I was only able to get pictures of heats 2, 3, and 4 as I was racing in Heat 1.





11/14/10 - Winter AutoCross Event #2 (WA)

Cold temperatures + Slick tires = Icy conditions? Yes! I have never seen so many spin outs or cone killers as I have at this event! I would almost call this a tarmac RallyCross event it was so slippery. But it made for some great photos and plenty of fun!





8/14/10 - AutoCross Test N Tune (FRA)

It goes down in history, my very first Auto-X in the RallyX MR2. Wow, what a difference in grip and speed! With that aside, this was the first time the AutoCrossers got to use this site at Front Range Airport. Even though it was a Test N Tune and not for points, plenty of drivers pushed their cars to the limits. Some spun, some hit cones, and some just hauled!


9/19/10 - SCCA AutoCross Event #11 (DSGP)

The last event of the 2010 AutoCross Summer Series! Plenty of drivers came down to the wire competing for 1st place season finishes. Plenty of pictures were taken of heats 1 & 2 while I wasn't racing.





11/22/09 - AutoCross Winter Event #2

The Winter Series has come to Colorado's SCCA AutoCross! There were easily over 100 competitive drivers at this second event in the series. The weather was great and the speeds were fast, who knows what the next event will hold! This is Colorado after all... The Paypal payment system is still being set up but enjoy the photos until then!


1/10/10 - AutoCross Winter Event #3

Colorado's skies opened up for another Winter AutoCross event down at Pikes Peak International Raceway. Although there were not as many competitors as the last event, there was still plenty of action to be seen. Several competitors spun out including a stripped out, hardly Datsun at all, 240Z and a Chevrolet Corvette!


1/30/10 - AutoCross Winter Event #4

Colorado's AutoCross group headed back to Dick's Sporting Goods near Denver for the fourth event of the Winter Series. The weather was surprisingly warm and the competitors were plentiful. This time I got a few ride-alongs with some of the competitors between taking photos. Sorry if I didn't get a shot of everyone, it was definitely worth taking some rides sideways across the tarmac though. Might have to try this kind of racing in the future... Hahaha!


2/13/10 - AutoCross Winter Event #5

The World Arena has not been used as an event surface since before I thought I could drive. I remember going there and admiring all of the cars and, of course, their driver's skills. Today was certainly a challange as gravel covered most of the course's turns causing random sudden losses in grip. The result: plenty of drifts, spins, and even a curb vs. car event!



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Other Rally Related


5/30/09 - The Volvo's Death

A day that originally started as a rally practice day for the CU Sport Car Club and CO-RX members turned out to be a bit more... exciting. It was the fourth lap on the Colorado Off-Road Extreme (C.O.R.E.)'s sprint course when driver Greg McMahon and co-driver Val Ivanitski pushed the Volvo beyond the limit.


6/27/09 - Colorado Rally Cup - Buena Vista

The Colorado Rally Cup (CRC) headed to Buena Vista, CO for a Colorado Hill Climb Association (CHCA) rally. This was the first time I had ever watched the CRC guys outside of RallyCross. The difference in driving style between RallyCross and this high speed dangerous rally was unbelievable. It was great to see what the could do on a wide open road!



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Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing


7/18/10 - Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing - PPIR

The Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing club went to Pikes Peak International Raceway for a two day race. I went to watch my friend, Jim Gray, race his Triumph and ended up taking plenty of awesome pictures.



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7/31/09 - Boulder Skatepark

The rental lens was put to the test at the local skatepark. Both close and far away shots had to be taken at high speed with clarity. It was the ultimate test, did the lens pass? Features some great riding from the locals.



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10/28/09 - Sugar Loaf, CO

Colorado got pounded hard with atleast two feet of snow in late October. What's the best thing we could think off? Building snowmen? Go sledding? Nah... Let's go four wheelin! We headed up to Sugar Loaf in Chris' Nissan Xterra to do some trail blazing.


10/09 - I am a Leafer

Fall in New England is unbelievable. Not only are the temperatures perfect and mesquitos not present, the leaves are beautiful! I got lucky during my last visit to Massecussets and got a few great shots! Check them out.



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